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The “Earn While You Learn” Internship Program

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Attention Public Relations Students and Freelance Journalists Around the World:
If you love the excitement of reporting news breaking stories, or perhaps you may already have some articles that you've written and want published, please feel free to give us a call and
you just may see your article featured on the Magazine next month.
While you're at it, see if you qualify for our “Earn While You Learn” Internship Program, Sponsored by JP Public Relations Inc., a 3-time PR and media award winning company.

The Magazine is considered to be one of the most popular sports and entertainment online magazine sites. Although our site may look very plain and simplistic at this time, our people are hard at work behind the scenes in giving our site a total makeover. Our mission this year is to make our site one of the hottest looking sports and entertainment websites in the world. Our goal is quite simple, we want to increase our current readership level from one point six million readers per year to ten million readers by the end of 2011 which we confidently believe can be achieved with the right team of journalists and the right content.

Our Board of Directors along with our marketing team of people have a tremendous amount of new and fresh ideas and big plans in-store for the site this year. One of those plans is to offer young, independent journalists and writers alike the opportunity to obtain some experience and exposure. The beauty of our program is that it will definitely give all our interns the opportunity to earn while they learn by having their own column published and appear in the Celebrity magazine. Regardless of what issues, topics or subjects one might want to cover, we are totally open minded to all types of articles and story ideas. Other than a one-time annual registration processing fee of $89.95 plus tax, our internship program is a fully sponsored program for individuals who are interested in writing stories and articles for the magazine despite where you live in the world. Our internship program is open to all ages, genders and cultures and allows our writers to work from home on their own time.

The Benefits and Perks of Our “Earn While You Learn” Internship Program

Thank you for showing interest in the Internship Program. This Internship Program is the only online program in the industry that offers beginners the opportunity to earn while they learn but also includes all the other benefits and perks that only those experienced media people like newspaper writers television reporters and radio talk show hosts around the world would be entitled to receive such as:

  1. 1. All registered applicants will be granted a monthly column in the magazine with all the publishing and marketing expenses fully covered by the sponsor JP Public Relations Inc for a period of 1 full calendar year including all the expenses of setting up and designing a professional looking column with the journalist’s head shot photo on the top left hand corner of their column. all the required editing, all the creative and production work along with the monthly upkeep of the writers column for the full calendar year.

  2. 2. Our “Earn While You Learn” Internship Program also gives the writer the opportunity to earn ongoing income of 40% of the advertising revenues generated from their column.
    [Refer to the CelebrityExtras Advertising Rates Chart, click here ]

  3. 3. All registered applicants will also be provided with media passes to cover major sports and high profile entertainment assignments during their internship period i.e. Leafs, Raptors or Blue Jays player interviews along with backstage interviews with high profile singing artists performing live in concert anywhere in the world. In addition, media clearance to interview movie stars and all different types of celebrities especially during film festival time are all a consideration.

  4. 4. Our Internship Program also presents our journalists with “Best Story of the Month” award plaques which will be handed out at our annual 2011 Achievement Awards Luncheon in October of 2011. In addition, all journalists of the month will be featured on the front page of the magazine for that given month.

  5. 5. Our program also provides our journalists and writers alike with ongoing public relations support, media coaching and most importantly offers our interns direction and guidance in order to be the best in the industry.

  6. 6. At the end of their 12-month Internship Program, all our interns will receive a Scholarship Certificate from Magazine to acknowledge and verify their achievement of excellence in our Internship Program.

  7. 7. And last but not least, all interns will receive a letter of recommendation from Magazine which will be distributed to every media and publication outlet on their behalf.

Therefore, if you are interested in registering into the Magazine’s Internship Program click here OR please feel free to give us a call Monday to Friday. 9 am to 5 pm [EST] at

416-638-4995 or toll-free, 1-877-900-4300 and ask for extension 311


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